We plan to mate our couple for the first time during the spring 2019, probably in May.

We will keep you posted about the result.

We accept the reservations of the puppies not before their birth.

The reservation fee for the puppy from our breeding station makes CZK 10,000.

In case you would be interested to have our puppy do not hesitate to contact us. The puppy will be kept in homely conditions, with loving care that we will request from the future owner as well. 

The dog is your company for the whole life. It is not any kind of fashion accessory. Think responsibly if you are really able and willing to create a loving home for your pet during his or her whole life (12 - 16 years).

We will endeavour to create it for our dog "kids". We can assure you we do care where our puppies will live their lives and how they will do. We will provide you with all possible help and service.

Shall you still be interested, please contact us via email, phone, facebook or the reservation form below.

Thank you.